Tell It Like It Is

Tell It Like It Is


The ‘Tell It Like It Is’ project is all about empowering young people who have been affected by Mental Health to share their stories and experiences.

The project is for children and young people aged 13 to 18 in the Bourne area of Lincolnshire, and is funded by the #iwill Fund, delivered through Lincolnshire Community Foundation.

The project is being delivered by Sortified, a progressive community led social enterprise based in Bourne. Sortified creates and produces positive change for people and communities. We do this by empowering communities and community organisations to grow and thrive. Sortified produces and delivers tools and opportunities, and creates ideas to influence change.

Today one in ten children will experience the effects of Mental Health, and concerns over their emotional wellbeing. It has been recognised nationally that services need to be implemented urgently, supporting young people with their health and wellbeing.

Affects on our health and wellbeing come in all different types. These can include stress, depression, Psychosis, self-harm, and eating disorders to name a few. They affect young people differently and can last for different lengths of time. It is undeniable that young people today are facing increasing pressures to achieve, work harder, and fit in, all potentially exasperated by social media and peer pressure.

It is essential that young people receive appropriate support and input around Mental Health. This will allow individuals to better cope with day to day living, be able to form positive relationships, learn both psychologically and emotionally from others, have the strength to  overcome difficulties,  and have increased confidence and self esteem to make decisions and believe in themselves. It has been demonstrated that one of the best ways of obtaining support is directly from peers with lived experience of Mental Health.

Our project is all about empowering young people who have been affected by Mental Health to share their stories and experiences, improve their emotional and mental wellbeing, support each other, increase their own knowledge and understanding, reduce stigmatism, and learn some new skills and experiences.

We aim to meet weekly for around 2 hours a week, over an eight weeks period. The young people who wish to participate in the project will be supported by an experienced and qualified project worker.  We would also offer funded counselling opportunities throughout the project to offer qualified and appropriate support for participants if and when required.

We will support individuals to identify the issues that matter to them and the stories that they want to tell, in their own voices and methods. We want young people to produce material which we hope will benefit others who may be experiencing similar experiences with their own mental health and well-being. The young people who participate in the project would of course be rewarded for providing their expertise and knowledge.

This is an exciting empowering opportunity for young people to join together in a positive way, learn some skills, share some experiences, and help others.

For further information or an informal discussion please contact:

Lynne Jones-Wade 

Project Officer 


Telephone: 07513279600