Meet the Sortified Team


Gill Collins

Gill is Production Director at Sortified, and was previously a Senior Commissioner within the NHS. Gill is responsible for ensuring that projects and services are delivered, and that the social impact of Sortified is as high as expected


Jo Davison

Jo is one of Sortified’s Non-Executive Directors. She has worked across the Health sector as a Commissioner and managing performance, and is now a Commissioner for the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner


Lynne Jones-Wade

Lynne is a Project Officer with Sortified. She works on a number of projects including the MOVE project, and other key workstreams. Lynne’s background is in Social Care and the Community Sector.


Richard Collins

Richard is the Creative Director of Sortified, and has spent the last few years supporting Community Sector organisations to develop, and grow. He used to run Adult Social Care Commissioning, but now undertakes Community Commissioning for the benefit of people. Richard is responsible for coming up with innovative new ideas to make things better for people and communities


Nigel Sheriden

Nigel is one of Sortified’s Non-Executive Directors. He has worked across Adult Social Care and Children’s Services, and is now the Chair of Care4all, a North East Lincolnshire based charity that provides a diverse range of social care services and support


Lesley Towl

Lesley is a Project Support Officer for Sortified, and works on the MOVE project. Lesley supports the project through triage, audit, and compliance, keeping the organisation on track with delivering the project successfully. Lesley has a background in the community sector, compliance, and employment services.