On An Equal Footing

On An Equal Footing

On An Equal Footing is a project that is designed to support more women, and women-led community organisations across the East Midlands to access Social Investment opportunities.

The project is funded by the Connect Fund, and is being run by Lincolnshire Community Foundation in partnership with Sortified.

It aims to support women and women-led organisations across the East Midlands through sharing knowledge, providing facilitated learning and discussion, and supporting development of ideas, projects, and organisations through access to Social Investment financial models.

There is a significant gender gap in all aspects of life and business. While more community sector organisations are led by women than in other sectors, numbers are still low, and opportunities restricted. This issue seems even more prevalent when looking at the numbers of women-led community organisations who are accessing or benefitting from Social Investment across the Country.

We believe that women-led community organisations are a significant growth economy, and add a considerable amount of benefit to both the community sector, and to business and society as a whole. However, gender imbalance, lack of opportunities, and societal blockers mean that women and women-led organisations may not receive the same support and opportunities that male-led organisations may achieve. We want to address this imbalance, and empower women within the community sector to open the door to Social Investment, and thrive on an equal basis to male peers.

We know that women-led organisations will require dedicated support to be able to access Social Investment on an equal footing, and to be able to be empowered to take their ideas forward in a male dominated marketplace.