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Being Bold - Supporting women who have been let down by society


All About Being Bold

Being Bold is a project supporting Women who are feeling let down by society.

This project will bring together a group of 10 women from South Lincolnshire, enabling and supporting them to share their stories and life experiences.

The project will be delivered by Sortified, and is funded by the Tampon Tax via Lincolnshire Community Foundation.

The Facts 

It is well documented that a wide range of negative experiences can have long lasting detrimental effects on women and girls. Negative experiences can come from many areas including Domestic Abuse, financial situations, Mental Health, bullying, sexual harassment, physical health, caring roles, eating disorders, child birth, parenting, societal constraints, patriarchal dominance, media representation, and magazines articles.

Sortified have identified a considerable need across Lincolnshire around confidence and emotional wellbeing in women and girls. Much of the evidence base has come from direct interactions with women through existing projects and workstreams, or through partners and local networks. Women we have worked with or linked to have identified significant barriers and needs to improving confidence and ultimately emotional wellbeing, due to experiences and current situations. These women have sought support and tools to meet needs, but have often found no suitable accessible resources or help. Front line services are seeing the impact on women on a daily basis

While it is clear that societal issues are having a detrimental effect on women and girls, we are unlikely to fix this in the short term. However, we can look at empowering women and girls to overcome confidence, and emotional health and wellbeing issues, by providing appropriate support, guidance, tools and resources in a way that is accessible and meets local need.

The Project

Our project will work with community groups, key partners, and local organisations to recruit 10 women from across South Lincolnshire. Participants will be sought who are passionate about women’s issues, have a story to tell, have identified needs the project can support, want to share lived experiences, or who want to develop key skills.

We will then work with this group of women over 10 monthly workshops (based in Bourne) to develop key resources, tools, training packages, and content (potentially including videos, podcasts, and online resources). We will do this by supporting the workshops with appropriately skilled staff identifying barriers, utilising expertise to draw out key issues, developing appropriate training and support packages, and capturing and analysing key data and information.

The exact content and style of the finished product will be determined by the participants of the project. They will lead as the project progresses, attending, supporting and delivering the end products through a  launch event in Lincolnshire, which we hope will empower and strengthen other women in the community who may have had similar experiences.


For further information or an informal discussion please contact: 

Lynne Jones-Wade,  Project Officer,  Sortified 

Telephone: 07513279600